Tow and Collect – Mini 700

Mini 700
The Mini 700 features no engine, which means servicing is very quick and minimal.   The wheels drive the brushes which flicks the manure into the catcher as you drive along!

$4,495.50 +TAX

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Construction is made from 3mm thick, high grade steel which is zinc sprayed and then powdercoated. The hopper is made from UV resistant plastic.



No engine means no refuelling and minimal maintenance required



The Tow and Collect allows fast, efficient and chemical free control of your horse’s worm and parasite burden – completely clean 1⁄2 acre in just 25 minutes!



It is very important to remove the manure from the field to break the parasite cycle and minimise the re-ingestion of the worms.

Tow and Collect – Mini 700

The Tow and Collect series offers you an efficient solution to collecting horse manure, alpaca manure, goose feces, tree nuts, and other debris and will give you unprecedented productivity while saving you hours of backbreaking work.

Our Tow and Collect machines are easy to tow, using a standard ball and hitch coupling system that is compatible with ATVs, 4 wheelers, and most other trucks and stable vehicles. Simply attach it to your tow bar and you’re ready to collect. The Tow and Collect will also remove thatch to improve the quality of your grass.

The Tow and Collect Mini 700 is designed for smaller farms with 3-5 horses. The brushes inside the machine are driven by the forward momentum of the wheels when attached to the towing vehicle. The brushes then scoop up the manure into the black bucket at the back.

View the 1220 ground-driven Tow and Collect and the 1500 Pro motorized machine.

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Additional information

Weight 185 kg
Dimensions 145 × 110 × 110 cm
Collection Width

700mm (28 inches/2 foot, 4 inches)

Engine Model


Engine Fuel


Brush Drive System

Chain Drive from Wheel

Collection Capacity

320 litres (80 gallons)

Size Assembled

2120mm (D) x 1340mm (W) x 1000mm (H)

Size Crated

1450mm (D) x 1100mm (W) x 1100mm (H)

Weight Uncrated

140 kg (310 lbs)

Weight Crated

185 kg (410 lbs)

Jockey Wheel


Electric Key Start


Tow Hitch

50mm Coupling

1 review for Tow and Collect - Mini 700

  1. atipton99

    love Love LOVE my Mini 700! It pulls easily and effortlessly behind the atv. My son loves to ride along with me as we clean up the pasture. It’s super easy to hook up and and even easier to “dump”. My only regret is not getting the next size up. It fills up rather quickly, meaning more “dumps” before the pasture is cleared. However; our 4 acres still only takes about 30 min (with 2 horses) and they assure me that once we have dethatched the pasture, we should get more poop and less grass. We really do love it!

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Tow and Collect – Mini 700

$4,495.50 +TAX

(1 customer review)